Moonknight Episode 5. Thoughts and review. *spoilers*

Marc Spector with Steven Grant

“Moonknight” episode 5 had me on a roller coaster ride of emotions. I believe this is some of Marvel’s greatest storytelling yet. If you’re looking for an action packed episode you won’t get it from episode 5. However, the amount of emotions, character development and work they do with this episode makes up for the lack of action.

The episode follows both Marc Spector and Steven Grant as they make amends with Marc’s troubled past. We learned that Marc has been dealing with Konshu for a while and had done countless missions for him. It is then that they reveal Marc’s depressing and saddening childhood. Burdened by the death of Marc’s brother, his mother blamed him for the tragic incident, when the two boys wandered in a cave where Marc’s little brother drowns. His mother then abused and loathed Marc, to the point where he was forced to create another identity to deal with the trauma. We as the audience learn this revelation with Steve Grant himself, that he was created to protect Marc from something he couldn’t punch his way out of, his childhood trauma. The episode ultimately ends with Steve dying doing what he was created for, protecting Marc.

This episode deals with childhood trauma, parental abuse, depression, identity disorder and so many other themes. Oscar Isaac’s performance is nothing short of great. You truly felt his raw and real emotion seeping through his acting. His subtle facial expressions and demeanour to distinct between Marc and Steve is amazing. It truly feels like they are played by two different actors.

While this episode is great, there are some down points to the over all series of Moonknight. Being the second to last episode of the series, they’ve got a lot of story threads to tie up in the finale. This comes downs to Marvels pacing issue with these series. They spend a lot of time working on different aspects individually, and not have it interlocking organically together so the pacing doesn’t get compromised. For example, they will have an episode solely dedicated to the plot and doesn’t tell us much about the characters, then the next episode they focus mainly on character work and halt the plot line, until it comes to the finale where they have to close it all and it just feels rushed. Maybe Moonknight can pull it off giving us a satisfying closing to the series, but it’ll be interesting to see where they take this with the finale.

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