Greatest MCU scene. *spoilers*

Captain America: Civil war

I’m a huge marvel and mcu fan. I’ve seen every single live action marvel movie there is to see, even if I don’t remember a single thing from the movie, I’ve seen it at one time of my life. That’s a lot of hours full of content to sit through, but today I wanna have a look at a scene, that I deem, the greatest scene in a Marvel project. Before we get in to the one scene I think is Marvel Studio’s best, I wanna have a look at the top 3 honourable mentions that narrowly skimmed my list. I don’t have a metric system to calculate which one is deemed the best, however, the list I compiled is based on the emotional impact it had on me, how well it was shot, and is heavily impacted by my personal opinion.

1. Rocket has some words for Drax

Guardians of the Galaxy

In the first Guardians movie, we were introduce to the chaotic and fun galactic group, unsurprisingly, named ‘Guardians of the galaxy’. It consisted of unique and outlawed beings from all over the galaxy. Their uncrowned leader Peter Quill (aka Star Lord), who was half human half celestial at the time, Gamora who’s also known as daughter of Thanos, Drax (the destroyer) who infamously killed Thanos in the comics, and the dynamic duo of an ancient talking tree species named Groot; along side a raccoon look a-like weapons genius named Rocket Racoon. The scene in question is when the ‘Guardians’ find themselves on a planet called ‘Knowhere’ as they try to sell an orb Peter stole, which unbeknownst to him contained an Infinity Stone. As they wait to meet someone, Drax and Rocket naturally get in to a scuffle as the two egotistical personalities collide. As Peter and Gamora stand between the two parties, Bradley Cooper (Rocket’s voice actor) delivers this piece of dialogue perfectly, “You just wanna laugh at me like everyone else”. Rocket continues with, “well I didn’t ask to get made, I didn’t ask to be torn apart and put back together over and over and turn in to some… some little monster”. This scene to me was a accidental strike at gold. The writers brought out a glimpse of Rocket’s tragic backstory through the depressing dialogue and Bradley’s amazing voice acting. We can hear him holding back tears, trying to suppress the impact his past trauma has on him. This scene was emotional and informative to the who these characters are. Drax, a selfish and literal being who does not know when he’s hurting others, Rocket holding in trauma and puts on a facade of being a “tough guy” to cope with it and Groot always loyal and following Rocket in a fight. Then the two leader figures of the group keeping everything in check for the sake of the bigger picture.

2.Tony vs Cap and Bucky

Captain America: The Winter soldier

‘Captain America: Civil War’ is widely regarded as one of MCU’s best instalment, its story is one of the reasons many consider it to be so. It follows the Avengers being divided on the Sokovia accords when their recent acitivities leave many dead. The accords demands that every member of the Avengers be registered and to operate under government jurisdiction. Steve Rodgers, being a literal super soldier who fought for freedom, naturally disagreed along with half the Avengers; while Tony Stark, burden by the destruction of his creations in ‘Iron Man 1’ and ‘Avengers 2’, agreed with the accords that it would be safer if they operated under the supervision of the government. This plot line however, is not the direct cause of the scene I’ll be talking about. It comes at the climax of the film, when Steve and his best friend Bucky, find themselves facing the wrath of Tony after learning about the true nature of his parent’s death. The deaths that impacted and changed his life, and his relationship with his mother and especially his father. Tony learns Bucky (under Hydra control) was behind it all, and suddenly Tony felt raw rage towards Bucky, and disappointment towards Steve. Despite being in the middle of this conflict, Steve picks the side of his old friend and in turn, betrays Tony. This scene is so powerful as there was no clear cut who was in the right, everyone there had a personal stake in the fight, and you could make arguments about who was in the wrong or right. As I was watching I found myself not knowing who to root for. Tony had all the reasons to lash out, while Bucky was not at fault for his actions, and Steve is only defending his innocent friend. It was truly a “civil war” in the sense of the word, a faction divided in two by difference in interest. Like any civil war, it ended in blood shed as we were treated with a well shot and choreographed fight scene filled with emotion. All the emotions can be felt in an exchange Steve and Tony had during the fight. “He’s my friend”, Steve said while out of breath. Then Tony stoically replied, “So was I”

3.“Avengers, assemble”

Avengers: Endgame

The events of ‘Endgame’ had everyone in cinemas screaming with joy as all their favourite characters come together against Thanos and his army. The scene I am talking about in particular is when everyone that was dusted back from existence, came to the aid of Steve as he stands face to face with Thanos and his army. It’s the first time we the word “Avengers, assemble” on the big screen. It is one of my favourite scenes of any movie of all time, it’s enough to make any “fanboy” stand up in awe as they witness the beloved characters we got to know the past decade team up for a common goal. I loved the design of the scene, the colours, the set, the cinematography capturing everything so beautifully, and the amazing score which complements everything together. What makes this scene stand out for me, is the celebratory feeling that Marvel Studios pulled off a scene that intergrades so many characters and groups, and have it be flushed out. We got to see totally unique characters like a King of an advance African civilisation, fight along side a teenage talking tree. This scene is one for the history books.

Now that my honourable mentions are out the way, I would like to talk about which MCU scene is their greatest piece of work, and that is…

“Spider-Man:no way home”rooftop scene.

Spider-Man: No way home

‘No way home’, much like ‘Endgame’, had elements of a huge blockbuster crossover event. It brought together 20 years of Spider-Man content and managed to tell a well rounded story with the amount of story threads it had. Three generations of Spider-Man characters sharing the big screen is a monumental task, and Marvel reaped all the rewards with this film. The rooftop scene where Toby and Andrew’s Spider-Man meet Tom’s Peter Parker for the first time, is the pinnacle of what a comic book movie should be. After the death of his aunt, Tom’s spidey finds himself where he normally goes for peace. He meets up with MJ and Ned but then gets introduce to his selves from other universes. He’s on the defensive at first, but as they continue to talk, Tom learns the true meaning of what it means to be Spider-Man. The impact and emotional weight this scene carried is what makes it so great. We get to see the wisdom of two older Spider-Men enlighten and guide Tom’s ‘Peter’ so he can fulfill his greater destiny. So he can learn what it means to live by their motto of “with great power, comes great responsibility”. The realisation on Tom’s “Peter’s” face when Toby and Andrew had knowledge of what aunt May said in her last moments, cause their respective loved ones said it to them, was a powerful gesture to show the audience that they can’t save everyone, but the true meaning of being a hero is continuing to face adversity virtuously and not giving in to the darkness of evil and vengeance. It is this idea that we as a audience take away from this one powerful scene. That no matter the unforgiving circumstances we find ourselves in, that we must face it not by rage and blind retribution, but by a hood will and clean heart.

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