Moonknight episode 6 thoughts and review. *spoilers*

The finale for Moonknight was an epic ending to a short series. It definitely made up for the lack of action in the past episodes, but it wasn’t one long dragged out fight sequence. This episode felt like a true ending to the series. However, it did feel just a little rushed how they wanted to end Harrow and his story. Episode 6 had elements of a standard cgi MCU climax fight, but given it was literal gods fighting it would make sense why.

The fight choreography was amazing. Watching Steven and Marc finally working together and accepting each other felt refreshing and satisfying after seeing what they went through in the previous episode. The dynamic of the two characters using the same body to fight is really interesting. When they switch between Moonknight (Marc) and Mr Knight (Steven), it shows how far they’ve developed as different characters, played by Oscar Isaac. The cgi on Khonshu and Ammit wasn’t distracting. It was made well and an interesting concept that these gods have always existed in the MCU.


The little twist in the end was done great in my opinion. Where we find out Khonshu had a plan b if his threat on Layla falls short for Marc, and that being a third unhinged persona, Jake Lockley. Jake was teased at throughout the series. Fans speculated his appearance but it seemed like they wouldn’t deliver as the series went on. We got glimpses of this character when Marc or Steven would black out then come back to a bloody scene around them, but the ending revealing Khonshu was gunning for Jake all along will leave fans wanting more from the character. With the ground work they’ve done with Marc and Steven and making the fans fall in love with them, it’s smart as it will leave Jake Lockley undeveloped to bring the fans back for another season.

Jake Lockley

Overall as a finale, this episode was great. It delivered on the action, had a great twist, it closes a lot of things for the series, and even reveals another superhero in Layla being the avatar for Taweret. She is a great representation for an Egyptian hero and it’s not shoehorned or forced into the story like many other representations. They’re compatible with each other and it worked well and complemented the ending.

Layla in her new suit.

There were some pacing issues I had with how they finished off Arthur Harrow and Ammit. It felt just a little rushed and not satisfying when the hero triumphs over the villain. Although I loved that Jake Lockley defeated Arthur, it felt a little dissatisfying we didn’t get to see him get defeated. They also defeated Ammit in a quick and swift fashion. When Layla learned how to from one of the other gods, and then they just…do it. They perform a ritual around Harrow and trap Ammit in his body. This ending was fine and it closed up the story accordingly, but it felt empty. This might’ve been a consequence of the pacing, as they had a lot of work to finish in a 40 minute episode.

Like I mentioned before, I liked the twist in the end where Harrow gets killed by Jake Lockley; but much like Ammit’s defeat, the main antagonist gets shot in the back of a limo in a post credit scene. The scene was cool, but it felt once again, empty.

My final thoughts of the series and the finale episode is that it was a great series, not for the action and the superhero aspect of the show, but for the character work they did with Steven and Marc. They knew what kind of show they wanted to make and they delivered. Both characters were developed greatly in depth. Despite some pacing issues, Moonknight might be Marvel Studios best Disney Plus show.

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