Top 5 saddest MCU deaths.

Avengers: Infinity War

Many criticise the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the lack of death and true consequences for the characters we watch. While in the beginning death was a scarce thing in the MCU, there have been some heartbreaking moments where fans witnessed one of their beloved characters meet their demise. On today’s list I’ll be going over my top 5 saddest MCU deaths.

5. Groot

Guardians of the Galaxy

Perhaps one of the earliest deaths on this list in terms of release, not many people realise the current teen Groot we have right now is not the Groot that first appeared in Guardians One. We were first introduced to a full grown tree that was mostly used for comedic relief. He was joyful and the strongest member of the group. Groot’s death came late in the third act when he selflessly sacrificed himself in order to keep the other members alive. This death was unexpected and it truly showed how much the Guardians have developed over the movie. For Groot to sacrifice his life for the strangers he began to call family is great character development. The amazing score behind this scene and the stunning visuals were all brought together by Vin Diesel’s low and powerful voice, uttering a slightly yet meaningful version of his catchphrase, “We. Are. Groot.” As the close up shot of Groot’s teary eyes turned to a white screen, we witness his final moments as the ship collided with the ground.

4. Tony Start

Avengers: Endgame

The most famous and heart breaking death on this list definitely goes to Iron Man, when he snaps the infinity gauntlet to save the Universe. This death holds so much weight for a lot of MCU fans as Tony began the whole Infinity Saga with Iron Man One. We got to see his character development and grew with the character over a 10 year period. His human side was shown in the beginning of Endgame, when he finally started a family with Pepper with their child Morgan. His heartbreaking death means he leaves the life he deserved and earned behind. When it came to his ultimate death, his sacrifice felt like the ending of an era. It felt like other characters we knew were dying with him, the stories they’ve told, the memories they’ve created, and the relationship they’ve built, it felt like the MCU was finally putting their beginnings in the rear mirrors.

3. Vision

Avengers: Infinity War

Vision was beloved and somewhat an underused character in the MCU. He was made the lover of Wanda and their relationship was adored by many of the fans, as Wanda had lost everything and Vision was a caring partner for her. Their chemistry being the lonely yet strong and misunderstood magic wielder just looking for love, and an artificial intelligence made to care for life won over the hearts of the audience. Vision and Wanda’s strong development made his death so much more heartbreaking. Two beloved characters both losing each other with one having to deliver the blow to do so. We watch and root for them to save Vision but to no avail, so when it came to Vision’s last moment with Wanda, he delivers a soul crushing dialogue any lover could hear from their partner they unwillingly need to kill, “You can never hurt me, I just feel you”

2. Loki

Avengers: Infinity War

The ‘god of mischief’ wasn’t no stranger to the idea of death. He’s died before twice in Thor one and two, but something about his gruesome and raw death at the hand of Thanos felt different. We could visually see his distorted face as his breath was being manically squeezed from his body. Thor screams but with his mouth being covered made no difference to his brother’s pending demise. What made this death more heartbreaking was Loki finally getting his redeeming moment in the previous Thor movie. The two indifferent brothers have finally made up signified by a physical hug in the end of Thor 3. Thor and Loki were all the family members they’ve had left, lost their mother, their father, and had to kill their estranged lost sister, they were all each other had left. Losing Loki is truly what broke Thor, and the fans.

1. Steven Grant

Moonknight: episode 5

The latest entry to this list, Steven Grant was introduced in Marvel’s latest Disney plus show Moonknight. Throughout the first 4 episode of the series we got to witness and beloved the second personality of Marc Spector, Steven Grant. He was sweet, fragile and never wanted to hurt anyone but live his life as a gift shop operator in a museum. Up until episode 5 we knew nothing about Steven’s background and how he came about existing in Marc’s body. It is this episode we learn how Steven was created to cope with the emotional childhood trauma Marc’s mother inflicted on to him. We learn the reason behind Steven’s innocent nature compared to Marc, and how Marc gave Steven the happy life he never had. So at the end of episode 5, when Steven gave up his life in the afterlife to save Marc, the feeling that Steven doesn’t deserve to die was overwhelming; but in a sense true to what Steven was created for.

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