Dr Strange: Multiverse of Madness plot holes and critique answered. *spoilers*

Dr Strange 2 was a good movie in my opinion. Not Marvel’s best but certainly not their worse either. It did what it was supposed to do, fully introduce and grasp multiverse ideas that would be important moving forward in the MCU. It’s not without its fault, but in this blog post I wanna answerContinue reading “Dr Strange: Multiverse of Madness plot holes and critique answered. *spoilers*”

Top 5 saddest MCU deaths.

Many criticise the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the lack of death and true consequences for the characters we watch. While in the beginning death was a scarce thing in the MCU, there have been some heartbreaking moments where fans witnessed one of their beloved characters meet their demise. On today’s list I’ll be going overContinue reading “Top 5 saddest MCU deaths.”

“Dr Strange: Multiverse of Madness” is it good? Thoughts and review. *spoilers*

https://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js?client=ca-pub-3054738878801989 Non spoiler review. “Madness” is the correct word for the second Dr Strange movie. The first half of my review will be spoiler free, then the second I’ll get into more details about what I liked and disliked about the movie. Marvel Studios definitely took a step in a new direction for the MCUContinue reading ““Dr Strange: Multiverse of Madness” is it good? Thoughts and review. *spoilers*

MCU films a casual fan might enjoy.

It is no secret the MCU has become so big in content and characters that some people will not bother to watch any of it, simply because they feel they need to watch every single movie and shows to understand. In my list today I will be listing 5 MCU projects in which a “casual”Continue reading “MCU films a casual fan might enjoy.”

Moonknight episode 6 thoughts and review. *spoilers*

The finale for Moonknight was an epic ending to a short series. It definitely made up for the lack of action in the past episodes, but it wasn’t one long dragged out fight sequence. This episode felt like a true ending to the series. However, it did feel just a little rushed how they wantedContinue reading “Moonknight episode 6 thoughts and review. *spoilers*”

Why the Captain America trilogy is better than Batman trilogy.

Many people consider Christopher Nolan’s second instalment of his Batman trilogy to be the best superhero movie of all time, but what if I told you as a whole trilogy, that the mcu Captain America’s 3 movies are better flicks from both a story telling perspective, and a comic book movie experience . The “superhero”/Continue reading “Why the Captain America trilogy is better than Batman trilogy.”

Moonknight Episode 5. Thoughts and review. *spoilers*

“Moonknight” episode 5 had me on a roller coaster ride of emotions. I believe this is some of Marvel’s greatest storytelling yet. If you’re looking for an action packed episode you won’t get it from episode 5. However, the amount of emotions, character development and work they do with this episode makes up for theContinue reading “Moonknight Episode 5. Thoughts and review. *spoilers*

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