Dr Strange: Multiverse of Madness plot holes and critique answered. *spoilers*

Dr Strange 2 was a good movie in my opinion. Not Marvel’s best but certainly not their worse either. It did what it was supposed to do, fully introduce and grasp multiverse ideas that would be important moving forward in the MCU. It’s not without its fault, but in this blog post I wanna answer some plot holes and complaints I’ve heard from the fans about Multiverse of Madness.

1. There was no character development for Dr Strange.

A lot of criticism stems from the idea that Stephen Strange had no character development in the movie, this would be true if it weren’t for the fact that there clearly was. There are two character developments ideal that are present in the movie. One where Stephen decides to be honest and admit his wrong doings to Earth 838 Christine, and one where he learns to be a team player. I’ll be talking about the latter one in this blog. In the events of Infinity War, Endgame and No Way Home we see Strange with the mentality of sacrificing anyone for the greater good. He has told Tony Stark that if it came to him or the time stone, Stephen will choose the time stone in a heart beat. We see it later on again in Endgame when Strange allows for Tony to sacrifice himself knowing it was the only chance they would have against Thanos, and finally in No Way Home when Stephen actively knows the villains’s fate if they return to their original universe, and still decided to try and send them back in order to fix the multiverse. Strange is established to be the one to make sacrifices for the greater cause, even at the cost of people’s lives. He’s trained to be in control of the situation and know all his moves and their outcomes as a neurosurgeon. To make dire decisions for the ultimate goal, life. It’s perfectly represented by a quote Christine says to Stephen that echos throughout the movie, “you have to be the one to hold the knife”.

This quote holds true throughout the multiverse with the different Dr Strange’s we see, first the Defender Strange that saw no other way but to take America Chavez’s powers and killing her, then 838 Strange that turned to the Darkhold to find the answer to defeat Thanos, and the Roque Strange that caused an incursion in his universe to find one where he’s happy with Christine. The development is complete when Stephen decided to not kill America even as the situation is desperate, instead he tries to find another way to defeat Wanda, and distancing this Strange from all the other Strange prior in the movie.

2. There wasn’t enough Dr Strange.

This is most likely the most common critique about Dr Strange 2. With some people complaining there’s not enough Dr Strange in a Dr Strange movie. To that I say, they must’ve watched another movie because there was plenty of Dr Strange to go around, in fact, their were 4 different Dr Stranges in the movie. Defender Strange, Roque Strange, Darkhold Strange, and 616 Strange. Majority of the movie had at least one Dr Strange in it. It may feel like Wanda took up most of the run because she was such a dominant villain and interesting character, but it is still a Dr Strange film.

3. Why the book of Vishanti destroyed so easily.

The Book of Vishanti wasn’t said to be indestructible or anything that alludes to it being difficult to destroy, especially by a powerful multiverse threat like Wanda. I’ve seen some complaints saying why the book was so easy to destroy, but much like the Darkhold, both of these ancient text/spell books are easy to destroy as they are physically just books. We see a Kamar-Taj teacher stab the Darkhold and destroys it along w themselves, it is not such a reach to accept that the Book of Vishanti can be destroyed by the Scarlet Witch.

4. “Strange saw in his vision that he dies defeating Thanos, so he changes everything and pushes Tony to die and sacrifice his life instead”

Avengers: Endgame

When Strange and America travel to Earth 838, we learn about that Earth’s Dr Strange using the Darkhold to dream walk and look for ways to defeat Thanos. In the end, he learns about the book of Vishanti in his quest to defeat Thanos, but on the way he becomes corrupted by the nature of the Darkhold. The Illuminati then decides to kill Strange to end his corruption. Fans (I assume of Iron Man) theorised that in his vision in to the future where Earth 616’s Strange saw 14,000,605 possible outcome; that he ultimately saw his death if they used the Book of Vishanti, and that Tony Stark’s death wasn’t in any of them but Strange forced it to be to save his life. They back it up by quoting Christine from the movie saying, “you have to be the one holding the knife”. Referencing Strange controlling the outcome and steering Tony Stark to sacrifice his life. However, this theory can be easily squashed with the fact that 616 Strange knew nothing of the Book of Vishanti. Furthermore, he knew very little about multiverse travelling, but the mail on the coffin of this theory, is Strange only being able to see through time for possible outcomes of their current situations. Dream-walking and looking into the future are two different things, we know this by how the two Dr Strange’s saw how to defeat Thanos. 616 Strange uses the Time Stone, and it wasn’t established that it could see through the multiverse, however, 838 Strange used the Darkhold to dream walk into other universes like Wanda.

Avengers: Endgame

5. The Illuminati being weak.

Dr Strange: Multiverse of Madness

Like many of the fans, I was looking forward to seeing an iteration of the Illuminati. They’re beloved by comic fans and is known to house leaders and powerhouses of different superhero factions like The Avengers and Fantastic 4. Seeing them get demolished by the Scarlet Witch effortlessly was surprisingly and to some fans, a little bit of a let down. To some fans it was a missed opportunity killing off the Illuminati, and disrespectful for them to die so easily. However, those same fans fail to realise they were from a different universe. They may not be the main Illuminati Marvel will portray on the big screen. The Illuminati in 838 universe served a purpose in the movie in showing how powerful Wanda was. Their interaction with Strange however, may have lasting implications on the MCU as it could’ve given Strange the idea of creating a Illuminati in his universe. Given the only original member that is definitely out of the picture is Tony Stark with his death in Endgame, their is still a possibility with members like Namor, Black Panther, Professor X, Black Bolt and Reed Richard as they haven’t yet been introduced in the main 616 MCU timeline.

6. Captain Marvel dying from a statue.

Dr Strange: Multiverse of Madness

I somewhat agreed with this notion and criticism that Captain Marvel shouldn’t have been dead from a mere statue falling on her. To understand why her death was reasonable, fans need to have a closer and slow look at her and Wanda encounter. We see Wanda blasting Maria with her energy, and at first she blocks it with her own; but the more of Wanda’s energy she took the more of her suit diminished and what we could assume her powers. So Wanda could’ve just easily taken away a lot of her powers where a mere statue could’ve killed her, if not made her unconscious.

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